A Little Less Country, A Little More Rock and Roll

So I was cleaning out my junk drawer today and I found an old SD card in it and I thought, “I wonder what is on this?”  And to my surprise I found these pictures of a town home I owned 6.5 years ago when I first started getting into interior design.

It was fun to see the differences/similarities between now and then. Somethings never change… I still LOVE color.  Some things do… I would say now I am a little less country, a little more rock and roll. =)

I still love a lot of coastal/cottage influences. A few less fluff now, however.

Here’s a quick little tour of my old stomping ground. My hand pretty much touched every surface in it, so I have fond feelings for this home.

In my living room I reupholstered these sofas, designed and help build the coffee table as well as the armoire, installed the wood floors, and painted everything.

Another view…

My dining room…

I wish I had the guts I have now back then. I would have painted the cabinets white… and too bad they didn’t have counter top paint back then… I always hated the mauve counters. But I still think it looks cute!  The furniture were thrift store finds, painted and fixed up a little.

Wow! This is SO country.  I upholstered the headboard, made a lot of the bedding. The drapes are literally push pinned to the wall and I hot glued roses to cover the pins. Good times!

Well… there was my blast from the past!

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “A Little Less Country, A Little More Rock and Roll

  1. Meredith says:

    Oh NataLee – thanks for the blast from the past! I am trying to rid myself of every red gold and olive green thing I own! My house then was painted gold in the halls, red in the family room and olive in the kitchen. OVER it!!!

  2. Annie says:

    Isn’t it great when a blog post just writes itself for you? What a great find and a nice blast from the past!

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