$50 Sectional Reveal and Giveaway!!

I bet you guys  thought I’d never finish my sectional… I was wondering myself. But I finally did it! Yay!

About a month ago I found this sectional for $50 on Craigslist. It is by Rowe, which is a pretty reputable company and for the price, I knew I was buying it. Now I always try to negotiate a better price except for when I find a deal like this.  

I was a little nervous about the condition considering the  price, but when I showed up with a truck and found a nice normal family with a really clean house it made me feel a lot better. I think most people would have passed this up based on the condition of the fabric, but I just had to laugh. The wife said the husband did all the patch jobs. Here’s why I laughed…

These patches were ALL over the sectional. I laughed because I could see the wife begging the husband for a new sofa and the husband getting out the glue gun and fabric patches and saying… SEE. It looks fine!  It sounds like something my husband would do. 😉 Men. They just don’t want to spend money on furniture. As long as it’s functional…. it’s good to go. I know this from experience. There once was a cheap armoire…  well that’s a whole other story. Anyway…


So when I told my husband I was buying  a sectional for $50, he was more than willing to help me out. Because even he knew that was a steal. 

Here is what I wanted to look like:

This one is from Restoration Hardware and runs about $4,500.

Here is one from Pottery Barn for around $3,500.

Personally, I was hoping for the color closer to the PB one, but it ended up much closer to RH sectional. Turns out finding 25+yards of gray fabric is really hard to do. I didn’t get my first, second, or third choice in fabric and to be really honest I am a little disappointed with the fabric in the end. The upholstery job is good, but the fabric color and cleanability isn’t my favorite. But frankly, I am just glad it’s done.

Here it is. I apologize for the pictures. They are not a very good quality.

The sofa looks dull right now without pillows, but I assure you I have some FUN fabrics to punch things up a lot! I learned the hard way the best way to go is a neutral, solid sofa is the way to go. About 10 years ago I bought a bright red sofa with fun vibrant flowers all over it and I was tired of it in about 2 minutes. This is when I first learned how to reupholster furniture though… so it was a good lesson learned in my case.

This sectional turned out pretty close to my inspiration pieces showed and all said and done I paid $150 for it total!! Massive savings to say the least. (The pillows in the picture are in the process of being covered in fun fabrics to go on the sofa!)

Cost Breakdown

$50 for sofa

$25 truck rental

$75 fabric (including thread)

$0 for piping that I have had for years


Again… the before:

And the after:

On a side note, after the existing fabric basically disinigrated in my hands as I removed it from the sofa, I steam cleaned all the cushions. Also, it’s actually really comfortable.

I am not planning on doing a tutorial because the amount of time it would take to do a good quality tutorial would be tremendous and with 2 kids under the age of 2 plus one more (11 year old), I wouldn’t be able to devote the time to it right now. But do not despair!!! Because my girl Shelley from Custom Slipcovers by Shelley has an amazing DVD tutorial and she has been kind enough to offer me one to give away to you wonderful people. If you don’t win it, however, I highly recommend it because it is way awesome.

There are a few ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me what your next/first upholstery project will be.

2. Like Custom Slipcovers by Shelley on Facebook, leave a comment below that you’ve done so.

2. Like Designed to the Nines on Facebook, leave a comment below that you’ve done so.

3. Tweet, Blog, or Facebook about this giveaway, leave a comment that you’ve done so.


The giveaway will happen on Thursday evening at 9 P.M. MST. Thanks everyone… and check back in the next day or so for photos of the sectional with the fun new pillows!

Happpy Monday!


24 thoughts on “$50 Sectional Reveal and Giveaway!!

  1. Andrea says:

    oh my goodess that’s amazing! great job.

    i’ve never recovered anything before, but i just got my first “grown up” dining set and i’m planning on re covering the chair seats!

  2. Jeannie Phillips says:

    Your sectional looks great, amazing job. I would love to win the DVD, this summer I bought a glider with ottoman and recovered the cushions for my daughters nursery turned out pretty good. So now I am ready to take on my living room sofa not a thing wrong with the sofa, however it is 80’s country flowers and now I want a plain white or off white linen so I just want to recover the one I have. I am sure the DVD would be very helpful.

  3. Anne Brunni says:

    I would love to do this! I have a Rowe couch which I purchased and can buy
    additional slipcovers for this couch from them …. however, they are very expensive! Almost 2/3 of
    the price of the couch… ouch! I love cotton – but should not have chose this fabric… I have 3
    family dogs that love to join us on the couch and they have beaten it up pretty bad. I would LOVE to
    slipcover the couch, however, I am not very sew friendly – love the duct tape tricks though (learned
    from Christopher Lowe many years ago!!!)… maybe a step by step instruction video is just what I need!

  4. Meredith says:

    NataLee, it turned out amazing!!! Please, invite me over to check it out!!! Yay! I have this DVD and it is great! Can’t wait to work on some projects for our new house. 🙂

  5. Rebecca says:

    NataLee, you did A-MAZ-ING! I really, sincerely, admire your tenacity for finishing it… I would have gave up halfway through and it would have sat. Even if you don’t like the fabric 100%, you should be proud. It’s definitely a piece that will get used a ton (obviously) and will last you for years :o)

  6. Darla says:

    NataLee, awesome job. I have a couch that I am going to slip cover. Like yours, it has holes in it but it is super comfy and very well made. As soon as the holidays are over I am tackling it. I have been wanting to get Shelly’s DVD for a long time. I know it would help me so much. Thanks!

  7. LaTisha says:

    Went over an liked you both! But already liked you before lol!! Great slipcovers! As love all your ideas and inspiration!

  8. Ashley says:

    Holy Schmoly! I love the after! what kind of fabric is it and where did you find it? It looks velvet-y. I love it! I also love the moss fabric that you used for your “C” that you hung on your door. Where do you find that!?! I would love to make one! LOve you your blog!

  9. NataLee says:

    Thanks so much Ashley!! It is actually a softer cordoroy fabric… I got it from SAS Fabrics here in the Phoenix area. The moss fabric is from JoAnns Fabric, but you can pick it up at most craft stores next to the wire and styrofoam. I am so glad you like my blog!! That means a lot to me. =)

  10. Marlene says:

    I was looking on the web for inspiration and SAW WHAT YOU DID!! WOW!!! What a difference. I just got an dirty cat haired demin 4 piece Ethan Allen ( two loveseats, a corner and a chair) in the same design for $179.00 in in Philadelphia, PA in November. I have it in the garage and I’m going to tackle this in January and February 2012. You just saved me about $30.00 because I thought it would be closer to 35 yds.

  11. NataLee says:

    I am glad to help!! However, I would caution you just a bit. Mine was a 2 piece section. Yours having 4 separate pieces may take a bit more fabric. So, here’s a couple tips: First, make sure you get a fabric that is at least 54″ wide and up to 60″ if you can, this will make fabric go farther. Second, make sure there is extra of your fabric (just in case) either to put on hold or that can be ordered in. Next, cut out your entire sectional before you start sewing to make sure you have enough to do the entire job, so if you need to get your “just in case” fabric you can get it right away. Finally, get creative in how you cut out the areas that won’t ever be seen (like where the zipper goes) because it really doesn’t matter if the pattern lines up so you can use pieces of fabric that would have normally been discarded, thus making your fabric go farther. I hope this helps!! Good luck… and when you’re done, feel free to post your photos in our Design Forum! =)

  12. Marlene says:

    Thanks for the feedback, actually I’m doing slipcovers, so I may just need 35yds+. The fabric I have an eye on is 54″ wide. I’ll upload the present form of the sectional.

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