100% Free Ottoman!

Some of you may know that I scored the most amazing deal ($50!!) on a sectional last week… well the owner also kicked in a free ottoman and coffee table with the deal!

I know. Right?!

I am having a hard time finding enough yardage of fabric I like for the sectional, so in the meantime I redid this ottoman with things I already had on hand. So it literally cost me nothing!

The before is okay. But the fabric, albeit contemporary, wasn’t working with the industrial wheel–which I LOVED!!– because it was shiny and gave it a more formal feel… this gave it a little bit of an identity crisis.

Well, identity crisis no more. It is now urban industrial. 

 I recovered it in leftover painter’s dropcloth canvas. I topstitched it to give it a more finished feel since I didn’t use piping. I then used my opaque projector and leftover bathroom vanity paint again to paint on a ’78 for the year my husband and I were born.

 I added leftover nailheads from other projects to just give it that extra little sum’in, sum’in (spelling error on purpose =)…. and voile! New 100% free ottoman for my living room.

So the next time someone offers you something for free, take it! Even if you’re not sure what you’re going to do with it right away.

Happy Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “100% Free Ottoman!

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  2. Jan Shore says:

    Looks much more durable despite being white. Great fabic choice. Just FYI, I found you through Roadkill Rescue. Jan

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