NataLee 9-1-1: Large Alcoves

Picture 154

Julie Madsen from Texas writes: I LOVE your Blog.  It is so cute.  Robert and I moved to Texas, and we love our new home.  However, we are stumped when it comes to these 2 HUGE niches in our living room. You can see, they are big and deep.  I would appreciate any suggestions you have for them.  We don't want to spend a ton of money, so hopefully you can find some "budget friendly" items. NataLee ... READ MORE »

Heart 2 Home: Kuester Extreme Makeover

home makeover

Just a few more days and our extreme build will kick off! A crazy couple of weeks... and then a new home for a deserving family. Here is a link to a great story (written by my former college professor- Bob Walz, ABC4 News) about the family and their compelling story... Here is the Schedule... UTAH HOME MAKEOVER ... READ MORE »

Argyle Addiction

writing desk after

Hi... my name is NataLee and I am a design addict. My latest addiction: Argyle. Argyle is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I am posting some fun examples of argyle in action, but most are in a more juvenile application. Is this nursery just about the cutest thig you've ever seen or what?! Love it! Pink and green is a pretty generic color scheme for a baby girl's room, but the combination of the fabrics, fresher versions of the colors, graphic black ... READ MORE »

Trend Watch: Gray is the New Tan

Gray is the New Tan

Gray may be in the cool tones, but right now it's HOT! HOT! HOT! And some of the most pleasing shades of gray have a warm hue to them. Just take this dining room as an example, paired with a beautiful cream it makes for a very warm and inviting room. Another trend is pairing gray with a sunny yellow... a play on silver and gold. Think of a sleek sofa upholstered in a gray suiting material with some punchy yellow bold floral pillows and putting ... READ MORE »

Mark Burnett Takes on HGTV’s Design Star

Okay, just a quick announcement for all you Design Star fans... Have you heard Mark Burnett is the new producer for HGTV's most popular show? Have you heard that Clive Pearse most likely won't be returning as the show's host? This will be very interesting! I can't wait to see what he does with the show. What do you guys think? Any guesses on who the new host will be? Do you think the judges (Candace, Vern, and Genevieve) will ... READ MORE »