Trend Watch: Turquoise, Color of the Year


Okay... so for those of you who know me... know that turquoise/teal are some of my favorite colors.  So this year's color of the year, Turquoise, determined by Pantone was really exciting to me. Here are some of my favorite rooms using turquoise.  I could have picked a ton, but I tried to keep it one picture per room in the house. Living Room I am straight up in love with this room! It makes me giddy to look at.  What do you ... READ MORE »

Heart 2 Home Makeover: Kuester

H2H 046

This was for a family who lost a child to the Swine Flu, then their house burned down shortly after. Everything was donated from our community! Such a great project! -NataLee Designed to the Nines "Making the home you have... the home you want!" ... READ MORE »

Friday’s Frivolty: Picture Scavenger Hunt


Okay... so every Friday I will feature one project idea that I think is spectacular!  I call it Friday's Frivolty (my take on frivolous necessity).  Anyway, since it's Mother's Day Weekend... this is a great one to do with your kids.  I plan to.  Go around and find the letters or shapes of yours, your husband's, or kid's names in different signs... or photoshop some if you need to. Print out your pictures and place in inexpensive frames ... READ MORE »

NataLee 9-1-1: Gray With Green

Picture 243

Andy from Boise, Idaho writes: Hey NataLee, I was led to your blog by your facebook invite. I am building in Boise/Meridian ID. And, am actually in the process of building my own home (I’m at insulation). Your posts on gray being a “hot” trend is interesting to me. I think it is a good look. I like the photos you have – especially the light gray with the dark stained bed set. I have a couple of questions if you have the time: 1) Would ... READ MORE »

NataLee 9-1-1: Nursery Color Challenge


Ashley from Washington writes: We are expecting our baby boy any day now and have a design dilemma with the nursery (not yet finished). I wanted to do something different than just the typical baby blue walls, so I picked an accent color from the bedding. The theme is old fashioned cars and has all the primary colors in it but mustard yellow. As you'll see from the pictures, the inside of the bumper is light blue and navy blue. This pattern ... READ MORE »