Dining Table: From Dull to Dramatic

Hey all… I have a fun little mini makeover for you all.

Do you have a dining room table that is okay, but maybe you’re kind of tired of it?  You could try do something like this.

Here is the before:


I hope you understand that this dining nook is a work in progress… but basically, I painted the top black to match the legs. I used my opaque projector to project the damask image onto the table. I off centered it on the table.

I came up with this idea in a round about way…

When I first was putting together this blog a couple years ago I came across this photo in a template I was considering using:

I fell in love with this oversized damask feature wall.

In figuring out how in the world I was going to accomplish this… in my mind the only way to do this was a gigantic stencil.  It never even occurred to me to use a projector until I came across this lovely dresser in my research:


… done by one of my favorite blogs (now) www.twicelovely.blogspot.com .

So then I did my wall:

I was tired of my table, so I decided something like my wall and the dresser would ma-ma-ma-make me happy! ;)

And thus:

However, I can’t decide on what to paint my chairs… and that’s where I need your help!

I am either going to paint them:




*Or a multi-colored: Red, Yellow, Green, Teal. One chair each color.

I would love to paint them all teal, but I painted the island right next to it teal, so it would be overkill.

So help me out you can leave a comment  with your opinion, or take the survey at the link here:

Click here to take survey

Or, if you have a different idea, let me know!

Also, if you live in Arizona be sure to watch me on AZ Midday tomorrow at 1:00pm on NBC.  I will be doing a tutorial and announcing an awesome giveaway!

Thanks again and Happy Monday!

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  1. What do the chairs look like? Tables are hard. We are shopping for a new table ( new, used, consigned) and we are hsving a hard time. It needs to be big like 75″ plus leaves or 90″ or so. And casual. And I want a trestle base. And not the same color as my floor. But not too red….I know exactly what I want. It doesn’t exist. :-(

  2. Love the sound of green chairs to go with the black table.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion… leaning that way, but also am considering multi colored.

  4. They are the Napoleon chair (sometimes referred to as a keyhole back).

    I am sure you know about Ballard Design’s trestle table… and I know that Classic Home and Aspen Home have beautiful trestle tables, but they’re manufacturers and don’t have store fronts, I don’t know where you get them here in AZ, I do in UT, but I bet you could call them and they would tell you where to get them! And of course, second hand will take patience, but you could score a deal that way!! Hope that helps a little.

  5. Jena Merryman says:

    I would go green and teal chairs.
    The table is lovely!!!

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