Painted Granite Video Tutorial: Part 1


Here is the first of several videos I made during my countertop makeover. Here is what my counters looked like before: A kind of bluish gray and white formica... not the ugliest formica I've ever had in a house I've owned... where was this product when I had mauve counters? Yes. Pink counters. Bleh! =P You'll notice I have a black porcelain sink that stands out like a sore thumb. So I started out by taping off my counters.... Now I ... READ MORE »

Guess Who Got Granite for Christmas?!

giani fcg

Guess who got granite counters for Christmas? Someone else! ;) Not me. But I did get the look for less... $80!! Giani Painted Granite counterops. That's right... I painted my counters. You may think that's just plain crazy, but I just think they're crazy awesome! Here's what I really think about my new counter tops! I will be adding more photos and tutorials in the coming days... so be sure to check it out.  One other note I don't ... READ MORE »

My Friend Katie Terry & Her Home Makeover This Week!


I met my friend Katie (a single mom) on my last Heart 2 Home Makeover before moving to Arizona. She is a single mom and a true inspiration and after volunteering and serving others herself is the recipient of a Heart 2 Home Makeover in Utah this week. Watch her inspirational story... and if you have the time or resources to volunteer on her project this week (or the other one they have going simultaneously), go here for more ... READ MORE »