10 Things I’ve Learned Being a Landlord

For rent: landlord tips

  1. Screen tenants thoroughly. A credit check is better than a gut check. Use www.rocketlease.com to screen candidates. Don't be fooled by "I'm going to love your property as if it were my own home" claims. Proof is in the pudding. 2. Wait for a better tenant. Don't sign a tenant out of desperation. You'll pay in the end. 3. Have a solid rental contract. Here's what we use for a contract. Customize it to meet your needs, but make ... READ MORE »

Sing to My Soul Sunday (Working Title): Create


Happy Sunday everyone! My goal in starting this blog was to inspire and motivate men and women alike and empower individuals that they too could create and do things they never thought they could. Some of you may have already noticed this video on my sidebar, but just in case you haven't, I felt compared to share. It couldn't be closer to the sentiments I have felt all along. I hope you enjoy it... I hope that it motivates ... READ MORE »