Autumn Wonderland Wedding, Part 2: The Reception


Ok now for the big reception. Their reception was held at the old Wilson theatre that has recently been renovated in Rupert, Idaho. It is one cool place. As I already mentioned, it was in October and so we really took advantage of the fall colors in the color scheme and used pumpkins and a lot of them. I can't recall the exact number but it was around 75 I believe. This is the beautiful buffet table where we had soup, homemade rolls, ... READ MORE »

Rainbow Cake


Rainbow Cake This cake is REALLY fun and always a huge hit! I made this last year for "New Beginnings" which is an LDS activity we do once a year for young women aged 12 to 18 and another once a year activity for the girls is "Young Women in Excellence". Since the cake was such a hit at "New Beginnings", I was asked to make it again for this year's "Young Women in Excellence". The recipe or How-To: You start out by making a vanilla or ... READ MORE »

Cookies and Christmas Traditions


This time of year gets most people thinking about holiday traditions, so I decided to share a couple of mine. First off, I am a European mutt as far as heritage is concerned, but if I did have strong ties to any of my ancestral heritage, it would be to my Swiss roots because of my Great Grandma Hirschi. Anyone who knew my Grandma Hirschi would tell you she was one remarkable lady. She lived on her own until the age of about 95 and was a ... READ MORE »

Elmer’s #GlueNGlitter Monogrammed Holiday Chargers


Wow. It's been a CRAZY week! Well, a crazy month so far at my house.... but that's a whole other story. First off, I apologize for the lack of posts this week... I have been so sad, because I have several... but I got a key logging virus on one of my laptops and my back up laptop has bad DC jack so it has a hard time charging. Key logging viruses are apparently about as bad as they come, so I am going to have to wipe the hard drive on that one ... READ MORE »

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Decor 026fcg

  I am a firm believer in integrating your holiday (doesn't matter which one) decor into your existing decor. This creates harmony.  So I used leftovers from other projects to create my stockings this year. I spent absolutely NO money on this project... which is perfect. Here they are!! They kind of look white in the above photo, but they are the same oatmeal colored painters drop cloth fabric. Here's how I did it... super ... READ MORE »