Elmer’s #Look4Less #GlueNGlitter Challenge: Pottery Barn Moss Letters Knockoff


We all get the shiny design catalogs in the mail and salivate like hungry little children over the beautiful pages. I know I do for sure. But then we get sticker shock. Say what? That's how much? Well... that's why there are design/DIY blogs like Designed to the Nines to help you figure out how best to get the "Look 4 Less". Collective Bias and Elmer's tasked me with getting a look from a designer catalog at a knock off price. I have been ... READ MORE »

$50 Sectional Reveal and Giveaway!!


I bet you guys  thought I'd never finish my sectional... I was wondering myself. But I finally did it! Yay! About a month ago I found this sectional for $50 on Craigslist. It is by Rowe, which is a pretty reputable company and for the price, I knew I was buying it. Now I always try to negotiate a better price except for when I find a deal like this.   I was a little nervous about the condition considering the  price, but when I showed up ... READ MORE »

Dramatic Imperial Trellis Wallpaper Stencil


Do you remember these beautiful drapes that I longed for several months ago? This fabric runs $130 a yard. I would have needed at least 10 yards bare minimum. Spending over $1,300 on fabric wasn't even an option. So I found a knock off version for $40 a yard. Still, not going to happen.   So when I found this awesome, large, reusable stencil on www.cuttingedgestencils.com for $39.95 I was really happy! I signed up for their email list and ... READ MORE »

100% Free Ottoman!


Some of you may know that I scored the most amazing deal ($50!!) on a sectional last week... well the owner also kicked in a free ottoman and coffee table with the deal! I know. Right?! I am having a hard time finding enough yardage of fabric I like for the sectional, so in the meantime I redid this ottoman with things I already had on hand. So it literally cost me nothing! The before is okay. But the fabric, albeit contemporary, wasn't ... READ MORE »

Glittery Halloween Plaque

halloween projects 025 fcg

You'll have to excuse the lack of creativity in the writing tonight. I am writing this half awake and one handed with a sleeping baby in the other... kind of how I do most of my designing everyday! ;)  This project is super easy and super thrifty. Old cabinet doors are perfect for plaques. They have a frame built in and ready to go. I got this cabinet door at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $2. And other than $.50 of glitter, I used ... READ MORE »