Giani Painted Granite Counters: Final Steps and Outcome


First off, I am so excited and kind of proud of myself because I fixed one of my virus infected laptops all by myself!  So now I am typing this on my newly fixed computer. Yay! The reason I share this is because in a way it relates to my philosophy on design.  Which is, if someone else can do it why not me?? I was a little nervous to say the least to try and un-infect my computer which had one of the nastiest viruses you can get: a keylogging ... READ MORE »

Painted Granite Video Tutorial: Part 1


Here is the first of several videos I made during my countertop makeover. Here is what my counters looked like before: A kind of bluish gray and white formica... not the ugliest formica I've ever had in a house I've owned... where was this product when I had mauve counters? Yes. Pink counters. Bleh! =P You'll notice I have a black porcelain sink that stands out like a sore thumb. So I started out by taping off my counters.... Now I ... READ MORE »

Guess Who Got Granite for Christmas?!

giani fcg

Guess who got granite counters for Christmas? Someone else! ;) Not me. But I did get the look for less... $80!! Giani Painted Granite counterops. That's right... I painted my counters. You may think that's just plain crazy, but I just think they're crazy awesome! Here's what I really think about my new counter tops! I will be adding more photos and tutorials in the coming days... so be sure to check it out.  One other note I don't ... READ MORE »