Autumn Wonderland Wedding, Part 1: The Wedding and Flowers


My baby sister Nikelle just celebrated her first anniversary last week. And she hit the jackpot and knows it! :) She is still in newlywed bliss (where I hope she stays forever and ever) and is expecting her first baby. Although we basically live on opposite ends of the country, it comforts a big sister to know that she has a guy who is treating her as the queen that she is. I was involve a lot in the wedding planning and design. I did all the ... READ MORE »

Rainbow Cake


Rainbow Cake This cake is REALLY fun and always a huge hit! I made this last year for "New Beginnings" which is an LDS activity we do once a year for young women aged 12 to 18 and another once a year activity for the girls is "Young Women in Excellence". Since the cake was such a hit at "New Beginnings", I was asked to make it again for this year's "Young Women in Excellence". The recipe or How-To: You start out by making a vanilla or ... READ MORE »