5 Ways to Get Rid of Smoke Smell

Fresh laundry

So yes... it's true! We bought a house that smelled REALLY, really bad. I think most of our family thought we were cra-zy! But I had faith that we could make it better and I am going to tell you five things you can do to get the stink out of any house. Most likely you won't be able to get away with just one of these techniques unfortunately. More than likely you will need multiple techniques. 1. Fog your house. We did this in one of our ... READ MORE »

IMM Living Event and Giveaway


A few weeks ago I was contacted by imm Living and asked to participate in their annual Choo Choo Chooses event  along with some fellow HGTV Design Star alumni, featuring a few products from a new line of their  modern meets traditional white ceramic line. “Based in the eclectic downtown core of Toronto, imm Living is a design company that addresses notions of the past and present.  Drawing from the traditional and popular cultures of our ... READ MORE »

Major Life Changes: This Blog is Now Gluten Free!


Hi everyone! My apologies for it being so quiet over here at D2N.  This is mainly due to a major lifestyle change at our home that has me neck deep in research and has me learning to cook all over again. We are going gluten free (GF) for our 2 year old son mainly, but also for my husband for whom my son is a carbon copy of. Since my son was born feeding time has been a major source of stress. It's so hard as a mom when one of your main ... READ MORE »

Beauty’s Only Skin Deep


Many of you probably don't know that I got my feet wet in design by first working in floral design. I did this for a number of years and the latter half was spent at a floral shop/antique store where I had the opportunity to learn about antique refurbishing and upcycling. This was well over a decade ago.  So time and time again I see antiques go from wood to painted.... myself included... but if the piece is nice wood like the beautiful walnut ... READ MORE »