Less Than 5 Minutes, Less Than $5

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Want a fun little 5 minute to add some of that sparkle I suggested in my last article? Make a mirrored "slipcover" for your plants. I got four mirrors from the dollar store.  You could get them at a craft store too... in various sizes. I taped these together. Now this isn't very attractive, but it works. I just ran a thick bead of hot glue in the seams to hold the mirrors together. That's it. Your done.  Super easy. ... READ MORE »

More Designer Pantries


 Remember a couple of months ago when we featured House of Smith's (http://houseofsmiths.blogspot.com/) amazing pantry makeover? Well, her beautiful makeover not only inspired me, but motivated a movement of pantry makeovers.  I was hoping to follow suit in our new home in Arizona, but the home we're trying to buy doesn't have a traditional pantry... so I will have to come up with something else that's clever. Back to the inspirational ... READ MORE »

New Giveaway!! (Studio 5 Replacement)

2nd giveaway

So... many of you already know, but we had a little oops! with the re-broadcast of my Studio 5 Challenge from a few weeks ago.  Since we already gave away the furniture, it's obviously not available to give away.  I didn't want to disappoint new visitors to this website, so Shelley Anderson--our recent guest blogger-- was nice enough to give away a copy of her newly released "How To Slipcover" DVD.    This is a $50 value (more if you think ... READ MORE »

How to “Slip-holster”


Okay, so I am HORRIBLE about taking before pictures of my projects because I get too darn excited to get going on my projects. I am even worse about taking pictures as I go.  I commit right now to be better at this. But after my Studio 5 $100 Classified Ad Challenge last week I got a lot of requests on how to "Slip-holster" furniture. This is my term for how I recover furniture. It is obviously a combination of re-upholstery and ... READ MORE »

Make Your Own Mirrored Furniture!

mirror nightstand-wedding crop

So mirrored furniture is really hot right now and has been for a little bit... and I of course have been salivating over these pieces and wanting them for my house and more specifically for nightstands.  But starting at $400 (and really more realistically $600) a piece, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  So I decided to make my own.  I am extremely happy with the finished product: Just wait until you hear how much I spent (or saved ... READ MORE »