A Day Late and a Dollar Short… And I’m Okay With It


No. I am not dead. Alive and kicking.... But it's been a weird couple years for me. But then again it's been a weird couple years for our world, wouldn't you agree? I have she'd some tears... And some pounds... I have had some health issues that humbled me, which lead me to a new approach to healthcare. I have grown much firmer in some of my beliefs and changed others. It's been a year of learning and growing and ups and downs... For me ... READ MORE »

Rainbow Cake


Rainbow Cake This cake is REALLY fun and always a huge hit! I made this last year for "New Beginnings" which is an LDS activity we do once a year for young women aged 12 to 18 and another once a year activity for the girls is "Young Women in Excellence". Since the cake was such a hit at "New Beginnings", I was asked to make it again for this year's "Young Women in Excellence". The recipe or How-To: You start out by making a vanilla or ... READ MORE »

10 Things I’ve Learned Being a Landlord

For rent: landlord tips

  1. Screen tenants thoroughly. A credit check is better than a gut check. Use www.rocketlease.com to screen candidates. Don't be fooled by "I'm going to love your property as if it were my own home" claims. Proof is in the pudding. 2. Wait for a better tenant. Don't sign a tenant out of desperation. You'll pay in the end. 3. Have a solid rental contract. Here's what we use for a contract. Customize it to meet your needs, but make ... READ MORE »