Dining Room Progress

Designed to the Nines Dining a Room

Since I haven't really blogged over the past couple years, we have done a lot to our little home. Our friends and families thought we were crazy buying our condo, as it was extremely dated. But worse, it was totally saturated in cigarette and sewer smell. But our options were pretty slim at the time we bought, we were desperate for a house, and I have vision and maybe an irrational sense of what is possible. Here is what the dining room looked ... READ MORE »

Best German Chocolate Cake Ever.

Best German Chocolate Cake Ever.

Yum! Yummy! Yummo! But really, this cake is killer! Heaven in your mouth. We made this for my dad's birthday last week and well... 5 lbs later... Just kidding. But I'm not kidding about how awesome it is! You're welcome! ;) Having given this such a glowing review, I am trying to embrace a low sugar, gluten free, low dairy (pretty much just greek yogurt and a small amount of cheese) diet. But I think a treat every once in a while is ... READ MORE »

Autumn Wonderland Wedding, Part 2: The Reception


Ok now for the big reception. Their reception was held at the old Wilson theatre that has recently been renovated in Rupert, Idaho. It is one cool place. As I already mentioned, it was in October and so we really took advantage of the fall colors in the color scheme and used pumpkins and a lot of them. I can't recall the exact number but it was around 75 I believe. This is the beautiful buffet table where we had soup, homemade rolls, ... READ MORE »

Autumn Wonderland Wedding, Part 1: The Wedding and Flowers


My baby sister Nikelle just celebrated her first anniversary last week. And she hit the jackpot and knows it! :) She is still in newlywed bliss (where I hope she stays forever and ever) and is expecting her first baby. Although we basically live on opposite ends of the country, it comforts a big sister to know that she has a guy who is treating her as the queen that she is. I was involve a lot in the wedding planning and design. I did all the ... READ MORE »