D2N Presents: Design Forum Community!

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I started Designed to the Nines with the intention of teaching/sharing ideas about great interior design... To show the ins and outs of the process... and to inspire and give people the confidence they can do it too. Hopefully I have succeeded in some (hopefully all) of these areas. This is why I am SO excited to present the newest feature to D2N! I hope you are equally as excited about it!  It's Designed to the Nines' Design Forum. You can ... READ MORE »

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Decor 026fcg

  I am a firm believer in integrating your holiday (doesn't matter which one) decor into your existing decor. This creates harmony.  So I used leftovers from other projects to create my stockings this year. I spent absolutely NO money on this project... which is perfect. Here they are!! They kind of look white in the above photo, but they are the same oatmeal colored painters drop cloth fabric. Here's how I did it... super ... READ MORE »

O’ Christmas Tree! My Christmas Tree!

Christmas Decor 035 ed

So I was totally stressed about my Christmas tree this year... mainly because I didn't have one. But I scored this unbelievable pre-lit 7.5 footer at my local Goodwill for $39! I can't for the life of me figure out how a tree in this good of condition ended up there, but I am so happy the person took it there just for me! How nice! ;)  I wrapped the tree in silver sparkle tulle ($10 for 10 yards which I cut in half lengthwise).  I added ... READ MORE »

Pottery Barn “Noel” Sign Knock Off Out of Foam Core… Say What?


Basically, I am using my opaque projector for everything these days. Too bad it is such a dinosaur and is HUGE! =) Maybe one day I'll be able to get an Art O Graph projector.  Until then... You guys are going to be so impressed by the photography for this tutorial... PA- THET-IC!  I don't know whether you should blame the photographers or the camera... probably both.  Another thing on my wish list! LOL. So I am knocking a bunch of things ... READ MORE »

Not Your Grandma’s KMart!

me shopping kmart

Shopping at Kmart is somewhat Nostalgic for me. Growing up with one just up the road from me… that’s where we shopped for Christmas, school clothes, and pizza. That’s right! When I think of Kmart I think of Little Caesars.   So when I walked into my local Kmart to buy some Christmas ornaments and smelled the Pizza, the memories came flooding back and it felt a little full circle for me having my own children in tow (they pretty much go ... READ MORE »