I am a  mom of 3, but sometimes I consider it 4… my blog being the fourth. I love my blog. I feed my blog. Sometimes I change my blogs dirty diapers. And like my children, as much as we love them, they cost money. So to cover expenses and to help improve the quality of my blog, I have decided to start monetizing Designed to the Nines.


Why I am monetizing this blog…

1. To cover website expenses. Being a single income family right now, the budget is tight. I have paid hosting fees, technical support fees, and graphic design fees and those add up and ultimately take away money I could be spending on great design projects to share with you.

2. To upgrade my equipment.  I blog from my ipad, I would like to get a laptop, to make it a little easier and to aid in video/photo editing.  Since my background is on TV I would like to start doing a whole lot more video logs.  My camcorder isn’t compatible with my laptop… I have tried many ways of troubleshooting to no avail. So I am trying to bring you a quality blog/content with not quality technology and equipment.

3. Blogger (Me) Improvement. I have  definitely been learning as I have gone a long. I would love to improve me as a blogger by going to blog conferences to learn how to do a better job for my followers! I’d also like to learn how to take better photos… because let’s be honest, my photos are HOR-RIBLE! I am sorry about that. Would love to fix this.

4. Better projects. This is the most important for me. This blog is all about saving money and getting things “Designed to the Nines”. Money I earn on here will be invested into doing better and more projects. Sometimes I surprise myself with how I am able to decorate on the non-existent decorating budget. Sometimes I feel guilty spending money out of our family’s tight budget to decorate. This is one of the biggest reasons I want to monetize this blog.

What I promise you…

1. To not forget what this blog is about. Which is learning great design trends and principles. How to decorate while saving money and doing it yourself.  You will not  see me doing any ads that are completely irrelevant to this blog.

2. I won’t sell out. You won’t see anything on here that I wouldn’t buy myself.

3. Balance. I will continue to bring you good quality, original ideas and it won’t be one big infomercial. There will be some. Some will obvious others not so obvious.   I appreciate your support in this!

And if you want to support me in this endeavor by advertising at ridiculously low rates, shoot me an email at . I also am open for spokesperson work as well.  Thanks!