Before and After: $4 Goodwill Ottoman

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I frequent the Goodwill, looking for diamonds in the rough and spotted this ottoman for $7.99, but it was 50% off that day, so it came in around $4. I had been looking for an ottoman for my rocking chair in my master bedroom, so I can kick my heels for a few minutes when I am holding my babies. Here it is with a slipcover made from leftover fabric from my bed linens... so there was no additional cost for that today. Love that! I ... READ MORE »

Trend Watch: Fresh Colors for Painted Cabinets

gray cabinets 9 wide fcg

I have had several people ask me lately what color to paint their cabinets. You have heard me profess my love for the traditional white cabinet. title="6365987_kbkLeygs_c" src="" alt="" width="478" height="561" /> To me, it's classic, fresh, and clean. If you have kids or pets, white might not be practical or more upkeep than you are looking for... ... READ MORE »

Last Minute Easter Treat Ideas


I am going to stray from the usual today and do a few quick and easy easter treat ideas I found. I have attached links for the instructions. Rice Krispie Eggs I have seen these rice krispie eggs in some advertisements lately and they look so yummy and festive. Chick Pops Cake pops are all the rage right now and these are about as cute as you can ... READ MORE »

Fast, Fun Shelf Mini-Makeover

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I have a super fast and inexpensive way to give a regular bookcase new life. I found this solid wood shelf at a local thrift store for $15. I knew I had to have it, but I didn't know exactly where I was going to put it. I imagined all the different ways I could change it up...  Bold paint on the body, and a funky wallpaper on the backer-board was the way I thought I was going to go... but I still couldn't decide where it's permanent home was ... READ MORE »

Designer Dilemma… What Color of Paint?

Picture 001

I have been debating back and forth about what color to paint this blank wall at the beginning of the staircase. As you can see to the left of it is my chocolate damask wall. To the right and touching the corner, I have the beautiful stone gray. So the big question is... Do I paint it gray, brown, or neither. What's your thoughts? Let me know your thoughts! I need your advice. Thank ... READ MORE »